About the show

Orphaned and living with his brothers, Ponyboy goes to a drive-in movie with his friends Dallas and Johnny. A run in with the wealthy “socs” leaves a teenager dead and Ponyboy and Johnny on the run, holed up in a country church, waiting for Dallas. Dallas arrives, but with him, tragedy. The three boys become unlikely heroes after a fire ravages the church with children trapped inside. Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dallas save the children but seem unable to save themselves. Johnny dies of injuries from the fire and Dallas is unable to cope, he dies by a dramatic “suicide by cop”. These events leave Ponyboy reeling, struggling with the criminal and heroic aspects of his friends, their untimely deaths, and his place and purpose in society.

The Outsiders is a coming of age story about teenagers growing up to fast in Tulsa, Oklahoma and learning to cope with their social and economic problems. Ponyboy is a Greaser hardened by social surroundings, yet soft on the inside by a dream of one day finally being excepted. During this time Ponyboy has to fight for his right to live and learn to love his brothers. Together they learn to overcome what they were afraid of and help save the lives of others.

Production Team

Original novel byS.E. Hinton
Rock Musical adapted byDaryl Shute & Angela Martin
Directed bySharon Maine
Musically Directed byKatie Packer
Choreographed byJulia Bayliss
Produced byAlastair Thomas & Craig Maloney