25 February – 5 March 2022

Doncaster Playhouse
679 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster

By Arrangement with David Spicer Productions

Featuring the music of Queen and the with of Ben Elton!

300 years in the future, conformity reigns – people wear the same clothes, listen to computer-generated music and are oppressed by the Killer Queen. Musical instruments are forbidden and rock music is unknown.

But in the latest graduating class, a young man called Galileo hears a different sound, a sound that will lead to love, rebellion and a whole new form of music.

Production Team

Director/Choreographer by Renée Maloney
Vocally Directed by Kristyn Adamopoulos

Band Directed by Peter Verhagen


Galileo – Adrian Jemale
Scaramouche – Claire McNaughtan
Brit – Leighton Garwin
Oz – Nicole Kapinaris-Anson
Killer Queen – Carla Gianinotti
Khashoggi – Andrew Vassett
Buddy – Ben Furnell
Teacher – Leonie Thomson

Teen Queens/Yuppies/Bohemians
Jessica Clark, Adriana Dall’Est, Caitlyn Bull, Natalie Krizmanic, Sarah Heitmann, Nicholas Krizmanic, Callum Beale and Toby Thornton